If you are planning on shipping your puppy


Please read.....and follow the directions!!!


It is difficult enough for us to part with our 8-10 weeks old puppies without the added worry of shipping.To ensure their safety we would prefer you pick them up in person.


If this is not possible for you and your family, here are some of the conditions we will insist on:

Direct flights only and only if the flight provides a heated or air conditioned cargo hold. We refuse to ship dogs in the middle of July/August due to the possibility of the air conditioning system failing. We will allow a puppy to be shipped only if it flying with you as carry on. We suggest you check with your airline of choice to see if this is allowed.

Air Canada Cargo has always serve us well so we recommend them to I fly our puppies.

Lester B. Pearson International Airport
2580 Britannia Road East
Mississauga, ON L5P 1B4
(905) 694-5300
(800) 387-4865
(905) 694-5355

Follow this check list.
1 Puppy must be paid in full 4 weeks prior to shipping.
2 You reserve your flight from Toronto Pearson International via direct route to the airport nearest you. Cost can vary, as do the number of heated/air conditioned cargo flights so check early. If you live in the midwest USA, you will have trouble getting a direct flight. Our pups have flown safely to California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, NY, BC..... Weather permitting.



Pups fly out at 10 weeks but please start talking to us about your plans when the pups are 4 weeks of age. Call us or e-mail us with your proposed plans. You have to look into this prior to reserving a puppy since you might be surprised how few flight take dogs these days.



Once a flight has been chosen that we meets both of our requirements / schedules, send us an e-mail with the following:

Airline name,

flight number,

time of departure,

Waybill number

home address

phone number(s) where we can let you know that the puppy has flown out or if there is a flight delay / flight cancellation.

All of this information is required by the airline for their forms.


We will purchase the crate and drive the puppy to the airport and pay for the flight but we must know well ahead of time so Darryl can take the time off during the week to do this for you. We must have all the details for the flight at least two weeks before departure.





Cost of driving to the airport $50
6 If you require a special health certificate for your country we will bring the pup to the vet 48hours prior to departure. Extra health certificates $100.00. (If flying out of Canada you might need a health certificate 32 hrs prior to departure). You must advise us if needed so we can schedule the vet appointment.
7 Our health guarantees do not cover the pups while been transported by a third party therefore we offer no refunds for any losses incured during flight.

Air Canada Cargo requires us to be at the airport three to four hours prior to departure, so you must advise us of departure time and date at least a couple of weeks ahead of time. If you are paying your flight by credit card you must provide Air Canada Cargo with your card number so that once the pup is weighed they can charge the fees without delay. We will not put it on our card. If your card is denied, the puppy will return home with us. If a second trip to the airport is required, a fee of $100.00 will be charged and must be paid in advance . You must provide us with phone numbers where you can be reached that day and you must make yourself available in case of delays.



Arrival: Be prepared!

Remember that numerous things can happen from flight delays, to the pup's having an upset tummy and/or having an accident in his crate. Be prepared have your cell phone fully charged, bring paper towels, plastic bags,wet wipes, and waterless soap incase you need to clean your puppy. You should have a nice soft blanket or towel to let your puppy rest on when you pick him / her up at the airport. Also a bottle of cool water would be greatly appreciated by your new bundle of joy.