Health Emergencies

     Remember it is aways wise to follow the advice of your veterinarian. With the cost of veterinary services forever increasing we recommend pet insurance to all our puppy buyers.

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First Aid kit
Product Name Common Usage Canine Usage
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Used to induce vomiting 10 ml by mouth every 15 min.
Pepto Bismol diarrhoea,vomiting,anti-gas 1tbs. per 5lbs. every 6hrs.
Kaopectate Relieves diarrhea 1ml per lb every 2hrs
Mineral Oil Eliminates constipation Up to 4 tbs daily
Buffered Aspirin Pain relief, anti inflammatory 5 mg.per lb every 12hrs
Vitamin B Used as a appetite stimulant Once a day
Benadryl Treats allergies, itching,etc. 1/2mg. per lb ev. 8hrs(max 2mg. per lb)
Rice and/or Rice water Treats upset stomach and diarrhoea,etc. Feed instead of regular food. After two or three days add boiled chicken.
Styptic Powder Stops nail bleeding, good for dogs, cats, etc. Generously apply to quick.
Used Tea bags Treats hot spots, itchy wounds, etc. Clip fur away, clean with ivory soap, apply bag .
Glucosamine & chondroitin Helps rebuild cartilage (sore joints fast growing male pups) Twice a day with meal.
Cranberry tablets or juice Helps treat bladder infections. (females tend to get them) Give two or three times a day
Yoghurt Helps reinstate good bacteria in a dogs stomach without it the dogs have more diarrhea. Always give 1tbs 2 or 3 times a day after the dog has been on antibiotics
vitamin E Helps prevent dry skin Once a day with meal
1/3 Glycerin, 1/3 WHITE Ivory dish soap, 1/3 water Excellent dog shampoo,prevent dry skin Mix in spray bottle apply to wet coat for bath, rince with 1/2 vinegar in water(Do not get any in eyes)
Facial Worts Like horses they fall on their own after 3-5 weeks To accelerate the lost rub a banana peel on the wart twice a day.
Thyroid test T4-T3 blood test should be done at 2, 5 and 9 years of age. Keeping thryroid levels from mid to high levels prevents skin problems, fur lost and joint stiffness.
Teeth Cleaning Should be done at 6yrs, 10 years and every two years after that. Gum infections causes heart diseases and other illness. Shortens your dogs life.




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