Blackpool kennel reservation form

Thank you for your interest in our dogs, for more info please e-mail or telephone us, if you have been approuved and are ready to send your deposit please fill out and print the following form and mail us a copy with your deposit. We will attach it to the Questionnaire you have e-mailed us. If you have not sent us a deposit form with your deposit you are not guaranteed a puppy.

Adoption deposit form must accompany deposits.

Your details:

Your full name: *REQUIRED

Your phone number (with country, city, area codes):

Your email address: (e.g.: *REQUIRED



City/Town: State/Prov.: Post./Zip Code:

Your puppy details:











Colour(check two): cream , cream with honey, , light gold , gold ,dark gold , red

P.S. creams are not a rare colour we have bred creams for over 21 years and have never charged more money for them than other Golden Retriever colours.

Pet: Show:

Pet puppies are sold on non-breeding CKC Non-breeding contract.

Shows pups are sold on co-ownerships only.


I realize the deposit is non-refundable.Blackpool kennels breeds more than one litter a year so waiting is a possibility when there are not enough pups in a litter.

I acknowledge that I might need to wait 2 to 12 months for a puppy to be born. Initials *REQUIRED


You must also acknowledge that you might be refused a puppy:

1 ) For not meeting all requirements "ex: no written referals, not showing interest in the puppy, acquiring multiple puppies from other venues at the same time.."

2)For lying and misrepresenting myself. "ex: Not being upfront about members of the familly having allergies." Initials *REQUIRED



Signature of adoptee:



Notice: Please attached a letter of reference from you vet if you have not already sent it.



Deposit enclosed: (minimum deposit $500.00)

Balance of $2500.00 due when you pick up the puppy or three weeks prior to shipping. You must include shipping extras charge of $400 to $600..00 for shipping if you can't come get your pup. This includes vet fees for airlines require fit for flight required to enter other countries or shipping. This is required 24 -to 48 hrs prior to departure, Add the dog crate, shipping fee and driving the pup to the airport $30.00.





Please be aware that we reserve the right at anytime to cancel this reservation and refund your deposit. Meanwhile we WILL TRY to ensure that you will get the puppy of your choice, but if you have too many specific needs such as: "She must be female, large, cream, very active and show quality", you might have to wait longer than someone who will take any sex, size or colour. The waiting period for a Blackpool puppy can be anywhere from one month to over a year. Here are timeline examples: If you want a summer puppy, reserve one in January; if you want a fall puppy, reserve one in March/April, for a December puppy reserve in July/ August. The rest usually receive a placement out of pure luck due to cancellations or very large litters. We will accept six to eight deposits per litter prior to birth. Remember that if you are number six thru eight and the female only has 5 pups you will have to wait until the next litter. We like spending a lot of time with puppies and their owners and hope people can come visit us, cuddle their pups and talk about their dreams for this pup. WE hope that after all the screening the pups will be going to the best homes possible and that we will hear from their owners periodically over the dog's lifetime.